1.000.000+ Installs on Google Play


We just pass 1000000 installs on google play.
Nice job ETN !


Yeahhhh !!! Electroneum let us know the exact number of useers…



AND why do we worry about price?? WOW, this is awesome?


And this is even after they’re scrapped their initial app offering which had plenty downloads for a brand new, updated app listing, starting from scratch.

Love seeing this progress unfold…
Success is around the corner!


I wish that ETN headquarters give us the INFO - where we have the most users - some table would be fine…
We only have the LEAKED document from the MARCH where we see that each continent have about 20% of market share…
And good point is that this MILLESTONE they can use really very good in MARKETING campaings.
If you want to check the leaked doc here you have: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ce1JwQ7l5uv4x2tjdzzSWZ-sJXVc4K5P/view?usp=sharing


Oh what a nice milestone well done team!!


As you can see on Google play we have about 17 500 reviews and 4.0 score from this REVIEWS - can we help ETN team with this ? Make at least 20 000 reviews as THANKS for their incredible WORK? Maybe we can boost the score to 4.1 or more and make soo too advertisment at Google play for others users :wink: lets this happened till the end of SEPTEMBER - who have rated YET 5* (after my suggestion) or think that is good point and ADVICE please Like my post - that I can see your feedback :wink:


We increased the rating from the 3,9 to 4 stars (in period of 3 months - from middle JUNE to middle SEPTEMBER) but we need you to help us.
Till the end of the September - we need to get at least 20 000 reviews at Google Play store. Please help and possible share this message with your community.


And chance for the team - put inside the app the link for rating the app - some aplication have after some time the link - if you are SATISFIED please rate our app - this is work for James Atkinson
And for the staff also answearing to review with 1,2 or 3 stars review and show our help to the community. - i think that this dont take so much time and show our effort to be on the top - work for @Corentin @BegaMutex @Bee @ImogenD
In our forum some people write - that app crased often - including my app, and some people type i dont get 10ETN every day like in history - maybe then some people give BAD review after the bad experimence with our app - we need to change this and more comunicate on different platforms. Like @chris.gorman use LInkedin and it is inceredible to read his post there - good thanks for THIS :heart:
What do you think GUYS, what we need change?
@ETNCEO good to think about my ideas - THANKS :wink:


But what about mobile miners NUMBERS lets show some of my numbers from my excel. And maybe some complains from community after the last update - that for some people it needs to verify much often and crashes too much more…

And now numbers better in graph:


In May it was at 500.000, so this is incredible!


This is most definitly amazing :open_mouth: